I work in the IT business for ages. Mostly in Europe. Outsidecurve.net is a place to collect and share my thoughts, comments, and tools.

Thank you for visiting my page! I decided to give this experiment a go to collect some thoughts, tools, and analysis, which I had developed over the years working in the IT industry. My initial motivation was to trick myself into a more rigid knowledge management regime by forcing myself to condense my thoughts and learnings into a consistent format. My second motivation was to decrease the amount of snake oil consulting in the IT industry which you and I face almost on an everyday basis by sharing my tools and templates with people who have not been given the opportunity to do that on their own.

I am currently not working an engineering position, so do not expect an elegant piece of Go, Rust, or Erlang code. During the last ten years, I am working on the business side of things.

For some, it might be exciting to discuss a new database technology, a new piece of enterprise IT kit, or the potential advantages of SAP S/4. For me, these topics are exciting but are only one side of the coin. On the other side, there is the business environment generating these products and services, how it organizes, offshores, outsources, how it organizes sales, how contracts are being made, why they work and why they don’t. This aspect I found to be rather overlooked, and that is why I want to shed some light on that.

The background I bring to the table is that I started in the IT industry almost in the very beginning; I learned to type on a keyboard at the age of 8 sitting in from of an IBM S/36 console screen in a room without windows. I have witnessed the significant changes, moving from mainframes to client/server architectures, moving from in house operation and development to outsourcing, the rise of open-source software, and of course, cloud and microservices – just to name a few. I held more and less exciting positions in engineering, general management, business development, and sales and worked all over Europe, and rarely in the US as well as in Asia.

Currently, I continue to work full time in the IT industry. I will not disclose information about companies and customers I work for and with. All things shared are my thoughts, have been developed in my spare time and provided to you under the Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0. license.

You are free to share this work, under the following conditions: Attribution (outsidecurve.net), non-commercial only.

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